Alster Cricket Club e.V.


The Alster Cricket Club e.V., Hamburg was only founded in June 1995 but has grown considerably since then. With over 30 players currently registered as full members, and a rapidly growing youth section, the ACC faces the next millennium with confidence.

Over half the club now consists of native German players. Other nationalities with strong representations are Britain, Australia and India, giving Alster teams a strong international flair and identity.

The ACC competes in the North German league during the outdoor season, and thanks to assistance from the European Cricket Development Office and the Deutscher Cricket Bund, is now able to host home games on its newly-laid artificial pitch in Hamburg.

This artificial pitch was supplied and installed by Notts Sport in May 1998 and has already proved a great success. With the added advantage of its showers, changing-rooms and bar facilities, the Hamburg cricket ground - located beside the Horner Rennbahn racetrack - looks set to become a magnet for visiting sides as well.

The Alster Cricket Club also attaches great importance to grassroots cricket, dedicating many hours of training to teaching the game to complete newcomers and working together with interested schools. During the winter the club also plays indoor cricket, and competes in the German national indoor cricket championship held every March.

Anyone interested in joining the Alster Cricket Club should contact us at the following email address Further information, in German and English, is also available at our home page site Alternatively write to Mark Richardson, Caspar-Voght-Str. 6a, 20535 Hamburg, Germany.

Date-stamped : 9 Apr1999 - 08:39